Sir Harold Evans of Thalidomide Fame and Reuters

Who is Sir Harry Evans?  He’s this guy:

Attacking the Devil

You can watch this incredible documentary HERE

If you don’t have Netflix, you can watch a short trailer of this documentary here:

Attacking the Devil – Official trailer – released January 2016

“Before the internet. Before social media. Before breaking news. The victims of Thalidomide had to rely on something even more extraordinary to fight their corner: Investigative journalism. This is the story of how Harold Evans fought and won the battle of his and many other lives. ATTACKING THE DEVIL unflinchingly documents how Harold Evans and the Insight team at The Sunday Times campaigned for the victims of Thalidomide. How their campaign marked a British legal watershed. And how through this and other landmark campaigns, Harold Evans secured his place as a legend of investigative journalism.”

Before this documentary came to be, he and his colleagues fought tremendous battles to expose what had been done to these babies and mothers. 

If you are able to watch the Netflix Video, you will see him discuss the horrific psychology behind society’s general perception that these mothers and babies somehow deserved what happened to them. Some fathers and/or mothers are even jailed for shaken-baby syndrome when the shots these little tykes receive cause brain-bleeds.

He found the lack of compassion and empathy confusing to say the least.  And in watching his confused expression, I thought the vaccine-injured may well have found a hero.


Attacking the Devil: Harold Evans and the Last Nazi War Crime review – the great days of investigative journalism

Read More HERE


But you see, it wasn’t the last Nazi War Crime.  The shots they’ve been giving to our babies [in the USA for the last 50 years] are it.  Maybe there are more—but this one has torn my life [and others who I met] apart.

My babies, my body, our lives, my financial future, that free pass to medical school I declined in 1976; that childhood dream of becoming a geneticist…  All gone…  And more.

So many lives destroyed and somehow it was entirely our fault.  So many children I saw in the 70s/80s destroyed.  They diagnosed our children as abused, no less…








42 U.S. Code § 5106a.










Let’s go back to Sir Harry Evens and his life.  It started quite simply:

Biography of Sir Harold Evans

Read More HERE


I was jubilant after reading the story of thalidomide—not because babies had been so completely devastated, but because maybe—just maybe—he’d help our vaccine-injured.

But I was still experiencing

The Evolution of My Understanding

I emailed him and then messaged him on a platform many people shared and received no answer.  That little buoy of hope crushed, I moved on.  But he was always in the back of my thoughts.  He had accomplished the impossible—he had won against industry and society and made victims’ lives better.


The Thalidomide Trust

Learn more about The Thalidomide Trust HERE


Harry died last year.  I saved the email message I sent to his representative:

For those of you who use translation apps:

I’m revisiting this movie today.  I wanted to refresh and renew my understanding of the issue.  It’s similar to one on which I am working.  It’s close to one I’m working on myself.  The parallels to what I am working on are extraordinary.  I’m trying to sap my courage from this viewing.

It’s difficult because I am vaccine injured.  I’m tired and old and sick—in fact, I’m dying.  I know how outrageous this may sound, but vaccines are our new thalidomide.  A horrible, Naziesk crime is being committed worldwide.  I keep shaking my head with disbelief over what I’ve learned.  My children, my body, and my life have been destroyed by these shots.  We mistakenly call them vaccines, but they are only toxic profit-gatherers.  They are just a bunch of stuff shoved into syringes legitimized by the inclusion of a few virus particles.  I keep hoping I will wake up and find that this has been some horrible, horrible nightmare.  Yet each morning I wake up the same—crippled and sick.  I am a writer, and I used to call my hands proclivity for the keyboard “dancing on the keyboard.”  I now work my two remaining fingers hard.

Yes, Yes—there is way too much power behind this.  But I have to ask—even beg—is there anything that can be done?  My time is past.  My children’s lives destroyed.  But new life emerges every day that is being subjected to these things.  Many die; almost all accrue some damage—and I believe the damage is cumulative.  You can’t save me: You can’t save many of us: You can save the unborn.



Joyce Bowen

BA psychology

Lifetime student in such”

Don’t even think about telling me this is not the same.  It is in ever-minute detail.  The persecution—the loss—the dedication of parents—all the same.  The sheer neglect of MDs and hospitals in treating and even killing these children.

The pain, suffering, and persecution inflicted by so-called professionals was and is indescribable—deplorable—especially after one has experienced a lifetime of it.





What is Life Like For the Vaccine-Injured?



I went to Representative Seth Moulton’s office a few years ago.  I told Anne Meeker [his constituent coordinator] they should just build the gas chambers and finish us off quick—that what has been done to us was/is unusually cruel.

I was unaware of the number of his staff listening in on our conversation, but the faces I saw as I left his office were visibly shaken.

Even though I brought studies and documents and a copy of the movie “Vaxxed” for her perusal, I received a canned email from Seth supporting [no matter what vaccination] the next day.

Of course, I had brought in documentation to show much of what he was saying is bullshit, and the crippled body I inhabit should be enough evidence of the damage these shots cause.  Here again we see the complete lack of compassion and empathy from those who can force those shots just like the attitude that came with dealing with thalidomide.

Let’s celebrate this good man’s life, not the tragedy  of his death.

Harold Evans passes away (1928 – 2020) (UK/USA) – BBC News – 24th September 2020

Sir Harold Evans has died at the age of 92 and more about his life in newspapers in UK and USA (where he became a US citizen (dual nationality)) and his greatest achievement amongst many, with the case of Thalidomide in the UK. His birthday was in June.

Sir Harold Evans obituary

Harold evans taught us what journalism at its best can achieve

And now this…

Exclusive: White House working with Facebook and Twitter to tackle anti-vaxxers

“The White House’s direct engagement with the companies to mitigate the challenge has not been previously reported. Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain has previously said the administration will try to work with Silicon Valley on the issue.

“Disinformation that causes vaccine hesitancy is going to be a huge obstacle to getting everyone vaccinated and there are no larger players in that than the social media platforms,” said the source, who has direct knowledge of the White House’s efforts.

“We are talking to them … so they understand the importance of misinformation and disinformation and how they can get rid of it quickly.”

The Biden White House is especially trying to make sure such material “does not start trending on such platforms and become a broader movement,” the source said.

The source cited the example of the anti-vaccine protests at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in early February, and said the White House wants to stop events like that from happening again.”

Read more of these gruesome attempts here

Please—someone help us…


In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the use of thalidomide in pregnant women in 46 countries resulted in the “biggest manmade medical disaster ever, with over 10,000 children born with a range of severe deformities, such as phocomelia, and thousands of miscarriages.

Thalidomide was introduced in 1956 and was aggressively marketed by the German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal as a medication for anxiety, trouble sleeping, “tension”, and morning sickness. It was introduced as a sedative and medication for morning sickness without having been tested on pregnant women. While initially deemed to be safe in pregnancy, concerns regarding birth defects were noted in 1961, and the medication was removed from the market in Europe that year.

Thalidomide was developed and first released by the German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal in 1953. The company had been established as a soap maker after World War II to address the urgent market need for antibiotics. Chemist Heinrich Mückter, who was a known Nazi war criminal, was appointed to head the discovery programme based on his experience researching and producing an anti-typhus vaccine for Nazi Germany.

The total number of people affected by the use of thalidomide during the mother’s pregnancy is estimated at more than 10,000, of which approximately 40 percent died at or shortly after the time of birth. Those who survived had limb, eye, urinary tract, and heart defects.

The severity and location of the deformities depended on how many days into the pregnancy the mother was before beginning treatment; thalidomide taken on the 20th day of pregnancy caused central brain damage, day 21 would damage the eyes, day 22 the ears and face, day 24 the arms, and leg damage would occur if taken up to day 28. Thalidomide did not damage the fetus if taken after 42 days gestation.


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Copyright February 2021 by Joyce Bowen

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