The Mass Murdering Drug Dealers In The Health Industry And Government — The Fascist New World Order



I learned this the hard way in 2018. It may be the first article I wrote in the Evolution of my Understanding. I checked to see that all the links work and one doesn’t. I will post it here.

I was dying a horrible, painful death and no MD would help. I was always compliant and did what I was told to do. I decided MDs simply did not have the intellectual wherewithal to understand what was wrong with me. So—with 2 feet almost in the grave—I got to work.

What I learned was shocking to say the least. And after learning of the absolute corruption of those who are supposed to help, I never stopped.

Many of my major organs were failing—my vision, too. MDs were shocked at my recovery, but very pissed off that I had done it by stopping everything they had been telling me to do.

Murder by Medicine

Which I have now updated.  The refreshed one is here:

Murder by Medicine [Originally posted August 25, 2018]


Murder By Medicine 1 – Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Mar 28, 2013


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