Who Now Runs The Centers for Disease Control [CDC]? Significant Update

This is what The Clinton Health Access Initiative | Clinton Foundation [CHAI] BOD looked like on Friday, ‎June ‎11, ‎2021, ‏‎6:51:59 PM.  Dr. Tachi Yamada Chair of the Board apparently passed away in early August.

Dr Yamada was a big-whig at the CDC and tied into the Clintons, Bill Gates, and Paul Farmer, one of the founding members of PIH.  PIH is the previous employer of CDC talking head, Dr. Walensky.


Dr Tachi Yamada passed away in early August.  A statement by CHAI offers condolences.  Please note this official of the CDC also had close ties to The Gates Foundation:

Statement from CHAI interim Co-CEOs Joy Phumaphi and Ann Veneman on passing of Dr. Tachi Yamada

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And now back to:

Who Now Runs The Centers for Disease Control [CDC] in the USA?

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  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    “Supporting the marginalized around the world?” So how many people do they fool with this political rhetoric and lies! The only people they support are themselves and all the political cronies and hacks that are all members of the exclusive club of and for the ruling class elite! Gates alone is responsible for hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths around the globe through his foundation which is nothing more than a cover for his profit making ventures and sterilization or actual genocide activities all in the name of helping those “marginalized” that Joy Phumaphi and Ann Veneman are speaking about when showering accolades at the former now dead CEO which really breaks my heart; NOT!

    One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to ascertain from the public record and lack of quantifiable accomplishment in global health to know that these people are all “cut from the same cloth” which is “hurray for me and to hell with you!” They don’t care at all! They are liars and self-serving bigots to the hilt! Very dangerous people run our world and that is why things only seem to and actually do get worse, as they keep filling their pockets and bank accounts with all the easy cash, while the world’s actual problems are only getting worse!

    I just got word from a friend today that is immersed in a specific area of environmental science that the leftist under Biden are now preparing to deforest large swaths of land to of all things are you ready; put in solar panels which is going to take away natures scrubbers of CO2 and allow some greedy special interests to cash in on all the big bucks the Biden administration is passing around like there is no tomorrow and if they keep getting their way there may actually be no tomorrow coming up in short order as the Geo-political complications are expanding exponentially into the red or danger zone; which will bring massive collapses of economies and political stability; leading to yes you guessed it World War! For all intents and purposes it has already begun on the financial and political levels but the actual bombs and shooting one isn’t too far off with the way things are going with regard to the unbelievably massive greed at work around the globe!

    I like how this article brings a sharp focus to the actual underlying issue and problem with these huge government agencies with all their corruption and how they have little if anything to do with public health or protecting society from anything! One only considers where we are with the present fiasco, which is all man-made along with the accompanying false narrative propelling it all forward toward more lock-downs and boosters!
    I remember all that hoopla a couple decades back with “Girls Gone Wild” nonsense which was total gibberish but the current out of control government is now running something far worse, dumber and exponentially more dangerous to the nth degree, as they continue unabated with the “Greedy Bureaucrats Gone Wild Contest;” to see who will be “King of Earth!”

    God bless us and help us!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  2. Thank you Joyce. I doubt we alone can stop these people now. Perhaps I am wrong. We will soon find out who has the substance and faith to stand in the face of our adversaries. It will be how we win. Maybe not on a massive scale as we think. Yet, an individual movement that spreads from local communities into towns, states, nations, etc……we must first be individuals with strength as yourself that warrior up on these subjects. I have learned much.


  3. I think many don’t due to fear. Fear of pain. Torture is real. Look at how they push on Mayors, etc. I doubt many are not under threat of some sort. Personally, I have always thrown myself on the sword and think later. Most hide and avoid subjects that matter. It takes courage and fortitude to push forward in a war we have little control. Yet, we push forward. Keep fighting. Smile until the end.

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    1. Just wait until they see what’s in store for them.

      Nurses kept their mouths shut for decades in regards to vaccine injury. They knew what was happening to our babies and to us. I’ve talked to nurse, so I know they knew.

      Now that forced harmful shots are being pushed on them, they want help from the very people whose lives they helped destroy.

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