My Name is ASIA [Redux]

Alright—those of you who read my work know my name is not ASIA; it’s Joyce, but I have ASIA.  It walks with me daily—every hour, minute and second.  And I don’t mean the continent: I mean the disease.

I began my journey towards knowing last year.  [2018] I was dying.  My friends knew it and, finally, I knew it.  I was in constant, horrible pain.  I was on four pharmaceutical products.  I took a roll of the dice and weaned off all four.  Hell—I was dying anyway—what the heck.

To my surprise, I recovered some health.  My kidneys, which appeared to be in decline, improved dramatically; my eyes shot up to 20/20; my pain disappeared; my constant state of dizziness vanished.   Damn–even my plumbing is in near-exquisite shape. It boggled my mind.  A profession I had relied on for my health?  Well—things have changed.  The transition from the Hippocratic Oath to a business model had not entirely escaped me, but I had no idea the progression had completed.

It seems everyone is now an employee of industry.  Seeking medical care is now akin to going to Walmart.  Insurances have only streamlined the path towards conventional medicine—like going to the dollar store.  If I need anything else, it’s out of pocket and more like Saks Fifth Avenue

Doctors are of the human species.  I always keep on mind my brothers and sisters are just as fallible as me.  I’ve seen the frivolity of law drive up costs and drive up the profession’s need to protect itself.  But it’s gone too far.

Omnipotence and arrogance pervade the atmosphere of places we go for help.  When I first experienced it, I was confused.  Gurney meat-racks seemed to abound, and patient needs went into the hopper.

I realized if I was to recover from these pharmaceutical products, it was on me.  I had suffered side-effect after side-effect, but the new mantra—dogma if you will—is that “just because a side-effect is on the insert, doesn’t mean it happens.”

I had no idea that my health was declining from what I was told to take.  I did know I was suffering, but I chided myself again and again that it was because I was aging.  It wasn’t.  I have a tendency to blame myself even though the fault is not mine.  That has changed, too.

I dumped the people I had charged with my care.  What these people seemed to forget is that I must actually walk in the door for them to make money off of me. I relented and tried one more institution.  I had read promising articles about this place in which people there were railing about changes not conducive to good care.





Pfizer’s PHQ Pfallacy







I was disappointed by the first form on the clipboard—the PHQ-2 form—a cursory two questions which, when answered, were to determine if I was depressed.  It was commissioned by Pfizer and adopted in such a way that I wonder if that form is the sole source of our depression statistics in my country.  (Note that the last time I peeked, Pfizer’s biggest division was its psychiatric drugs.)

I refused to answer either of the two questions, but an entry was made on my behalf regardless.  I’ve learned from recent experiences that signing anything handed to you could have devastating consequences—so I not only signed nothing, I took the forms with me.

 I neglected to take the PHQ-2 form with me, which resulted in an entry on my behalf. 

Silly me.

The new neurologist mumbled something about an atypical lesion on my cervical spinal cord.

“Doesn’t look like MS,” she said. “Not much going on in the brain” (I could have told her that. Time to smirk.)

I, at least, gleaned enough information to steady my course.  I do not have MS—I have ASIA:

Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) 2013: Unveiling the pathogenic, clinical and diagnostic aspects

Read More HERE

I have an atypical lesion on my cervical spinal cord (which I suspect will eventually cut off my respiration) and this:

Antinuclear Antibody-ANA

Collection Date: 01/30/2019 12:57:00

Received: 02/01/2019 12:13:06

Report: 02/01/2019  11:54:00

NAME            VALUE

F          ANA Pattern            Homogenous    A

A Homogenous or Rim pattern is suggestive of autoantibodies

to nDNA, DNA-histone complexes, or deoxyribonucleoprotein.

A Speckled or Centromere pattern is suggestive of

autoantibodies to Sm, RNP, Scl-70, SSA, SSB, or other

extractable nuclear antigens.

A Nucleolar pattern is suggestive of autoantibodies to

nucleolar proteins.

F          ANA Titer      1:80    A

Testing overall is suggestive of Lupus.  But I have no symptoms of Lupus of which I know.  The combinations represented by all my tests are suggestive of ASIA.  The condition is most likely caused by medicine.  As such, I am on my own.  Medicine not only does not fix its mistakes, it rarely admits them.

My immune system has gone bonkers and is eating me up.  I have little doubt that I will eventually die—from the results of a medical procedure.  My only hope?  The medical community—a  medical community that has been diligently trying to wipe the existence of ASIA off the map.

  Nope—the GodFather of Autoimmunity ( Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld) did not define this disease.  It cannot didnot couldnot exist.  Look—papers are not on the internet;(they were, but science is being systematically stripped off the Internet.)

Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) 2013: Unveiling the pathogenic, clinical and diagnostic aspects

Read More HERE


Top Israeli Doctor Points Vaccines Contributing Rising Rate Autoimmune-diseases

Read More HERE


Vaccine Safety Conference Session 13 – Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, FRCP

•Dec 28, 2011

ASIA – Autoimmune (Auto-Inflammatory) Syndrome Induced by Adjuvant: A New Syndrome to be Defined

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld is the head of the Department of Medicine at the Tel Aviv University since 1984 (age 36). Has founded and is heading the Center for Autoimmune Diseases since 1985 – at the largest hospital in Israel- the Sheba Medical Center, which is affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of Medicine in the Tel-Aviv University.

Shoenfeld is the Incumbent of the Laura Schwarz-Kipp Chair for Research of Autoimmune Diseases in Tel-Aviv University. His clinical and scientific work focuses on Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases. He has published over 1600 papers in journals such as New Eng J Med, Nature, Lancet, Proc Nat Acad Scie, J Clin Invest, J Immunol, Blood, FASEB, J Exp Med, Circulation, Cancer and others. His articles have had over 20,000 citations until 2009. He has authored and edited 25 books, some of which became cornerstones in science and clinical practice, such as “The Mosaic of Autoimmunity”, “Infections and Autoimmunity”, the textbook “Autoantibodies” and “Diagnostic Criteria of Autoimmune Diseases”, all of which were published by Elsevier and sold by thousands.

He is on the editorial board of 43 journals in the field of Rheumatology, and Autoimmunity and is the founder and the editor of the IMAJ (Israel Medical Association Journal) the representative journal of Science and Medicine in the English language in Israel. Shoenfeld is also the founder and Editor of the “Autoimmunity Reviews” (Elsevier) (Impact factor 6.2). He has written over three hundred chapters in different books. For the last 20 years Shoenfeld has been the Editor of “Harefuah” — The Israel journal in medicine (Hebrew) and edited the Israel Medical Encyclopedia (10 volumes, 5000 items). He has organized over 20 International Congresses in Autoimmunity.


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When I stop breathing, it will go like this:

Okay brain needs oxygen. Time for chest to expand.

Chest will say, ”Sorry–nobody’s home.”

I think it’s finally time for the lament I’ve tried to avoid.


Copyright 2019 Joyce Bowen




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  1. Interesting read. My autoimmune “issues” however can be traced back to blood transfusions. In 2008 I was injured and required excessive transfusions, first because I was bleeding out from the injury, and second because of the surgeries involved to repair the damage. Within a year I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, and the next year MS. Thinking the doctors knew what they were doing (silly me) I took the meds and did as I was told. But, I kept getting worse and the side effects were debilitating which left me no “quality” of life. So I stopped taking the meds. To my surprise my health “issues” got much better. This of course pissed off my doctors to no end. Two even refused to treat me further. Which ultimately was no great loss. Years later I do still have issues with my health, but not to the extent that I did when I was on their “medications”. May I suggest researching what the blood/plasma facilities screen for. You’ll find that they can screen for many more things than just HIV and TB. They just don’t because it’s not “cost effective”. (this of course means that any transfusion can give you any number of autoimmune diseases, and they don’t really care because hey, it’s just another customer, er, patient, for them to treat with their medicines.)

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