Ripples in Space/Time: Mental Meanderings, Chapter 1

To the dark

I have no idea if you read these mental meanderings.  I don’t much care if you do.  I think I do this more for myself than anything.

There is an image of a pond in my mind.  Its surface is smooth as glass.  A terrible thing occurred in the area where I lived.   For years I chose to ignore it until I no longer could.



Deception [Updated]




I saw those occurrences as ripples in the surface of the pond.  Like a stone had been thrown in the middle and forced ripples away from it.  Those ripples were mine and I did not want to see past them, so I didn’t.

It took 8 long years to smash those ripples—even then it was not done as well as I wished.  But for decades longer, those were the only ripples that existed for me.  I chose to not look past them.



Predation: Stories of Stolen Childhoods




By 2018, I was dying.  Without even realizing it, I journeyed through the ripples.  The ripples became waves of understanding that almost drowned me but I must tread water better than I thought.

In my mind, the ripples never changed amplitude or speed.  They just moved relentlessly out.  They don’t stop at the edge of the pond—they keep moving.


Because they are not ripples in the water, they are ripples in space/time.

Several months ago I realized that if those ripples could move outward they could also move inward.  Time/space has patterns to it that cannot be denied.

Looking inward absconds into an unbelievable minutia.  As large as large can get, small can get smaller.

I have faced intellectual challenges [in past months] I could never have dreamed would be possible.  But none as delicious as those dwelling in those inward ripples of space/time.

Copyright November 2021 by Joyce Bowen

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