📚 I am finishing a work I’ve been researching for years on child abuse, involving parental and professional abuse. I’ve been called a dedicated and avid investigative researcher. See my post “Predation.” I survived both parental and professional abuse, but just barely. I tracked a child predator for twenty years and was finally able to achieve some measure of justice for his many victims.

• I am currently advocating for changes in Mandatory Reporting Laws. They simply don’t work in their current form. Child Maltreatment is not an illusion. Five children die every day from child abuse–that includes holidays. Death doesn’t take a holiday.

• I started manifesting symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis in my thirties, but was not diagnosed until years later. I currently believe Myelin repair coupled with immunosuppressants will be the next rage in the treatment of MS.

• I’ve spent my life with my nose stuck in books, and tracking a child predator (see Tobias Friedman on this page). I have written and published fee free. It’s time for a change. I am actively seeking freelance assignments at crwriter@comcast.net


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