Mercury Poisoning and Dr. Alice Hamilton

The more I learn about mercury poisoning, the more I know my oldest son suffered from it.  If pediatricians had disclosed to me mercury was in his baby shots, I doubt I ever would have allowed them to inject him with it.  But the Dr bullied me into injecting my sweet child to “protect” him.  He lied.

A Most Valuable Accident By Daniel Lang

By this time, nine girls had died. Their family doctors had attributed the deaths to syphilis, Vincent’s angina, and anemia, among other diseases, and none of them had conducted autopsies. When further deaths occurred, Martland conducted autopsies himself. Among his first, in 1925, was that of the company’s chemist, a man who had handled unsealed Radium and mesothorium and had inhaled radioactive emanations, as well as contaminated dust particles; his body was found to contain fourteen micrograms (or fourteen-millionths of a gram) of radioactive materials, including to and one tenth micrograms of radium—twenty-one times the maximum amount now considered. Martland found that by using this man’s bones as the source of radiation he could take pictures similar to X-rays.

The Radium Girls.  How Their Stories Compare to Stories of the Vaccine-Injured.

We all sometimes stumble on things that point to our lives. This one points to mine and many others. ***The Radium Girls fought big money and big industry and were made to look as villains by the actual villains.*** My babies were injured by their baby shots back in the 1970s—brain-damaged by them to be accurate. Instead of treating my children for what they suffered, we—the parents—were accused of abusing our children into insanity.*** The Radium Girls were not diagnosed with radiation sickness—they were diagnosed with Syphilis.*** The parallel? Shame. I suffered guilt and shame as did the Radium Girls. Professionals were telling me I had done something wrong.*** They were professionals, right? They must know what they are talking about.

Cognitive Warfare

What is essentially being leveled at the American people now is a type of Cognitive Warfare.*** What is Cognitive Warfare?*** Laws allowing Cognitive Warfare against the American people emerged at least by 2012. Barack Obama set our dystopian world in motion in passing a law allowing disinformation to become a narrative in the United States of America.

HR 5736 A Bill to Establish an Orwellian Truth Ministry—LET’S REPEAL THIS!!

They are on me folks. The people who are allowed to lie as depicted by this law are going to say I spread disinformation. Who is on me? At least one top University group. Their mission?*** “Our mission is to resist strategic misinformation, promote an informed society, and strengthen democratic discourse.” ***They lie and HR 5736 allows them to do so. ***I’m crippled—my babies were brain-damaged by their baby shots in the 1970s and I’m a genius. *********BRING IT ON!!!!

Mastering the Human Domain

I’ve always been of the mind that humanity operated like cogs in a wheel.  There is far too much knowledge for any one person to hold, so we each hold a piece of it and must do our part.  I know things and learn things easy—so that’s my part.***Military was never my thing, but it seems our military has come to view us as something to control rather than something to serve.  We used to be the military.  The military has now established its own subculture and has become very STRONG.  With the establishment of human stratums, we have become far less than cogs in any wheel.

How well can your Brain be Remotely-Controlled by light flashes from your digital devices? Optogeneticists want to know…

"Roberto Malinow and his colleagues approached this problem using a technique called Roberto Malinow and his colleagues approached this problem using a technique called optogenetics. This involves inserting the gene encoding a light-sensitive protein called optogenetics Channelrhodopsin into specific groups of neurons, so that the cells can be switched on or off with remarkable precision, with pulses of laser light delivered via an optical fibre into the brain."

Darpa, Military behind new covid-vaccines

One of the principal DARPA-incubated vaccine technologies to gain prominence in the Covid-19 era are the nucleic acid (mRNA and DNA) vaccines that turn the human body into its own “bioreactor” (Ghose, 2015; Usdin, 2020). Vaccines using mRNA (such as Moderna’s and Pfizer’s) — which developers compare to

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