Quarantine Programs—Here comes your nineteenth Nervous Breakdown…  First Posted November 22, 2020

What I want to know is when did the stupid people get to decide who was stupid???*** The probability is that those multitudes of us who are vaccine-injured will die from these shots.  I live in terror every day—not from COVID-19, but from forced vaccination efforts.  Remember—I'm a genius and I know my stuff.***If you go through all the information below, it looks like our military has been methodically set up to exterminate most of the people in the USA.

The Health Monopoly

Armstrong couldn’t have gotten this righter. This immensely stupid man [Gates] has destroyed the human species in his quest for complete domination. Remember that saying? “Can’t wait for someone to wipe that shit-eating grin off of his face?” How about, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall?”

Hospital ‘hits breaking point’ after firing 150 unvaccinated workers: a Response by Joyce Bowen

One thing I have certainly found over the course of MANY years is that the pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex never acknowledges the vaccine-injured.  Hell—they won’t even treat them [us] because then they would have to acknowledge their products are hurting people.***I think we need to change the narrative.  Hospitals are seeing an influx of vaccine-injury patients.  So, how do you stop that influx of vaccine-injured patients?  You stop giving the shots, Stupid...

My Name is ASIA

Doctors are of the human species.  Brave souls who take the risk of making decisions that may pit us against them.  I always keep on mind my brothers and sisters are just as fallible as me.  I’ve seen the frivolity of law drive up costs and drive up the profession’s need to protect itself.  But it’s gone too far. 

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