This One Man Said it All In 2014 -Watch And Listen Closely America

“All things flu/covid is Exhibit A. Virtually everything vital for everyone to know is suppressed by MSM in cahoots with dominant US/Western hardliners and Pharma profiteers. On Sunday, NYT fake news defied reality — again — by falsely claiming that curbing flu/covid outbreaks depends increased mass-jabbing. Reality is the other way around. Jabs increase outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths — what’s falsely attributed to the unjabbed by the Times and other MSM. The self-styled newspaper of record also falsely claimed that mixing and matching jabs produces a stronger antibody response.” Source: MSM Big Lies and Mass Deception Never Quit

Mercury Poisoning and Dr. Alice Hamilton

The more I learn about mercury poisoning, the more I know my oldest son suffered from it.  If pediatricians had disclosed to me mercury was in his baby shots, I doubt I ever would have allowed them to inject him with it.  But the Dr bullied me into injecting my sweet child to “protect” him.  He lied.

The Radium Girls.  How Their Stories Compare to Stories of the Vaccine-Injured.

We all sometimes stumble on things that point to our lives. This one points to mine and many others. ***The Radium Girls fought big money and big industry and were made to look as villains by the actual villains.*** My babies were injured by their baby shots back in the 1970s—brain-damaged by them to be accurate. Instead of treating my children for what they suffered, we—the parents—were accused of abusing our children into insanity.*** The Radium Girls were not diagnosed with radiation sickness—they were diagnosed with Syphilis.*** The parallel? Shame. I suffered guilt and shame as did the Radium Girls. Professionals were telling me I had done something wrong.*** They were professionals, right? They must know what they are talking about.

Connecting the Dots…

"According to legend, soon after the first Chinese Qin Emperor united China around 250 BC, he sent out a troop of young men and women to search for the elixir of life in the eastern seas to extend his life forever. With great expectation and fanfare, the searching party departed but never returned. However, our quests for the elusive life-renewing Philosopher’s Stone have never ceased either in Harry Potter’s wizard world or in biomedical research, and a sighting of the magical rejuvenating power continues to generate excitement and understandably high expectations."*** Source: The Elusive Philosopher’s Stone in Young Blood

April 6, 1974 Redux

Since 1971, all the shots were meant to chemically intellectually castrate our babies.  I observed the results for decades because they got my babies in the 1970s—the first wave of brain-damaged children.

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