The Goddess of Cribbage

  A tickle stuck in her throat: It was this side of a choke. Heather trussed the silent woman’s hands together with a tight double-looped knot. She hadn’t meant for Fran to get in the way—it just sort of happened. Fran was her friend, her comrade-in-cards. She’d simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fran moaned, and Heather’s tickle slid... Continue Reading →


Food was hard to come by. Buildings had cropped up all around until the sun no longer shone in the windows located on the right side of my house. Then, too, there was the matter of families staying closer to one another. The increase in ethnic diversity brought with it more people from Old Countries: a fact... Continue Reading →

The Samurai

My daimyo has died this day. His second wife, Tsukiyama, was born into my family and taken by the great man in his later years as a concubine. I have visited my mother to see how she fares, and to find out if there is news as to my sister’s fate. It is said she... Continue Reading →

Frannie Roth

Frannie Roth sat in the chaise lounge in the backyard, letting the sun soak into her transparent skin.  She was old.  A blue vein pulsed rhythmically as it crossed her temple. 

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