Mastering the Human Domain

I’ve always been of the mind that humanity operated like cogs in a wheel.  There is far too much knowledge for any one person to hold, so we each hold a piece of it and must do our part.  I know things and learn things easy—so that’s my part.***Military was never my thing, but it seems our military has come to view us as something to control rather than something to serve.  We used to be the military.  The military has now established its own subculture and has become very STRONG.  With the establishment of human stratums, we have become far less than cogs in any wheel.

How well can your Brain be Remotely-Controlled by light flashes from your digital devices? Optogeneticists want to know…

"Roberto Malinow and his colleagues approached this problem using a technique called Roberto Malinow and his colleagues approached this problem using a technique called optogenetics. This involves inserting the gene encoding a light-sensitive protein called optogenetics Channelrhodopsin into specific groups of neurons, so that the cells can be switched on or off with remarkable precision, with pulses of laser light delivered via an optical fibre into the brain."

Darpa, Military behind new covid-vaccines

One of the principal DARPA-incubated vaccine technologies to gain prominence in the Covid-19 era are the nucleic acid (mRNA and DNA) vaccines that turn the human body into its own “bioreactor” (Ghose, 2015; Usdin, 2020). Vaccines using mRNA (such as Moderna’s and Pfizer’s) — which developers compare to

Connecting the Dots…

"According to legend, soon after the first Chinese Qin Emperor united China around 250 BC, he sent out a troop of young men and women to search for the elixir of life in the eastern seas to extend his life forever. With great expectation and fanfare, the searching party departed but never returned. However, our quests for the elusive life-renewing Philosopher’s Stone have never ceased either in Harry Potter’s wizard world or in biomedical research, and a sighting of the magical rejuvenating power continues to generate excitement and understandably high expectations."*** Source: The Elusive Philosopher’s Stone in Young Blood

April 6, 1974 Redux

Since 1971, all the shots were meant to chemically intellectually castrate our babies.  I observed the results for decades because they got my babies in the 1970s—the first wave of brain-damaged children.

2a Anderson [or Growing up during The Vietnam War]

It was a bitter time of war.  The nightly news consisted of body counts and gruesome photos of mangled bodies.  A time when a teenager’s coming of age might consist of a swift death, or a whirlwind romance resulting in youngsters getting married before their time—simply to say they had.

The Noahide Laws

“Because the NOAHIDE LAWS forbid the free exercise of religion (especially Christianity) in America, and respect on religion over another (JUDAISM over all other religions) they clearly violate the First Amendment Establishment Clause. THEREFORE, as long as the US CONSTITUTION remains in force, they CANNOT ACTIVATE THE NOAHIDE LAWS AND ENFORCE THEM IN AMERICA AT THIS TIME! However, WHEN the CONSTITUTION IS ABOLISHED through the declaration of NATIONAL EMERGENCY, MARTIAL LAW, THEN you will see the NOAHIDE LAWS activated

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