Let’s talk about Water

My childhood was quite different than most—I lived in a world of what could never be but actually was.  I was a geek kid—a nerd—in fact, from the time my legs would hold me up I dreamed without restriction.***There is an incredible array of magic in water that most of us never learn about—are never taught in schools—are never allowed to know...  Some of that magic is right here.

Global Eugenics – Using Medicine To Kill from 2010

I’m a poker. Remember me? I look at links—something almost unheard of these days. But as my hands have progressively crippled, I’ve adopted patience.*** No—Patience is not my child—it is a state of being—almost meditative… I wanted to write something light—or even funny. I started here:

Connecting the Dots… Please Do…

I investigate and write and then move on from that current horror. I don't like to make myself suffer. But in uploading this article to another platform, I got to revisit everything I wanted to forget. Adrenochrome—It's real and perpetrated by the same people who are pushing those damn shots on us... "According to legend, soon after the first Chinese Qin Emperor united China around 250 BC, he sent out a troop of young men and women to search for the elixir of life in the eastern seas to extend his life forever. With great expectation and fanfare, the searching party departed but never returned. However, our quests for the elusive life-renewing Philosopher’s Stone have never ceased either in Harry Potter’s wizard world or in biomedical research, and a sighting of the magical rejuvenating power continues to generate excitement and understandably high expectations."*** Source: The Elusive Philosopher’s Stone in Young Blood

This One Man Said it All In 2014 -Watch And Listen Closely America

“All things flu/covid is Exhibit A. Virtually everything vital for everyone to know is suppressed by MSM in cahoots with dominant US/Western hardliners and Pharma profiteers. On Sunday, NYT fake news defied reality — again — by falsely claiming that curbing flu/covid outbreaks depends increased mass-jabbing. Reality is the other way around. Jabs increase outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths — what’s falsely attributed to the unjabbed by the Times and other MSM. The self-styled newspaper of record also falsely claimed that mixing and matching jabs produces a stronger antibody response.” Source: MSM Big Lies and Mass Deception Never Quit

The Health Monopoly

Armstrong couldn’t have gotten this righter. This immensely stupid man [Gates] has destroyed the human species in his quest for complete domination. Remember that saying? “Can’t wait for someone to wipe that shit-eating grin off of his face?” How about, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall?”

The Aluminum Thing “Living?” in the COVID shot

Everything I know tells me quite loudly that this is some sort of interaction but it is not biological.  But being 70 and all and old-school... I have been saying the COVID shots [as they are called] are about building some sort of neural lattice network in certain neural areas in everybody’s brains to make them sensitive to behavioral-controlling light pulses spit out by our digital devices.

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