There never was a deadly virus. They tried this year after year after year. Case in point? This article below laying out how they tried this in 2009:

It looks like we are in for changes whether we want them or not—our babies will get these changes whether we want them to or not. And we will bear the financial burden of the damages that they cause. I’ve lived a horribly nightmarish life and many of you will, too. Human Experimentation is on the rise and if you aren’t a perpetrator, you are going to be a victim.*** And to accuse us of being unpatriotic because we are injured—because we love our children?  Just leaves me holding my head in my hands.***Hmmm—I think we’d better line up with them fellow “Savages.”  They’ll gives us clothes and fruit and who knows what else if we do.

Can the Human Body be used to Produce Graphene?

Is that it folks? Is that the real reason they are liquefying remains and flushing what’s left down the toilet? I wanted to believe that somehow our bodies were destined for some great purpose.***But Batteries???? They are already using aborted fetuses as product–that’s a proven fact

[I’ve run experiments in high tech. The goal was never to destroy, but to collect data. What does this do or what does that do? How do circumstances or conditions impact my results? Of course—my experiments were relative to electron flow and/or materials facilitating such things…] They are treating human beings as things—yes. But if you use terms that induce fear, you mute the ability for these people to think critically. Fear blocks critical thinking. It’s a deadly nuance that only serves their purposes. Don’t do it. People need to stop focusing on words that trigger fear and start getting mad. Don’t think: • Toxicity • Death • Side effects • And more Think Human Experimentation

the Computer and the Brain

Von Neumann published over 150 papers in his life: about 60 in pure mathematics, 60 in applied mathematics, 20 in physics, and the remainder on special mathematical subjects or non-mathematical ones.***[]His last work, an unfinished manuscript written while he was in the hospital, was later published in book form as The Computer and the Brain.


I am appalled, amazed, and more than dismayed that they are limiting this to any COVID issue. What makes these people think we haven’t had our own surreptitious holocaust occurring since WWII? Why are those of us who have suffered life-long from human experimentation and the demise of our children shuttled to the shadows of history? Yes, I am furious. Yes, my heart bleeds—for my babies, myself and so many others.

Eating Meat [Update January, 2022]

It’s safe to say writing this article back in 2018 was part of an evolution of understanding on my part.  I was exploring why I was so darned sick—why I had been so sick for years.  I had teetered on going vegetarian for years—not because I thought meat was going to kill me, but because I L_O_O_V_E animals.***Let’s look at the information available back then.  I have added a few new items:

Joe Rogan: Dr Peter Hotez “The Anti-Vax Lobby Owns the Internet” and “vaccines don’t contain chemicals”

Recently, GAB brought Joe Rogan on board in a flurry of fanfare.  Mr. Rogan has been someone I have been writing about—here and there—for a few years.  I’ve always seen him as a danger to my life, to the lives of what’s left of my offspring, and to the multitudes and multitudes of other lives that have been pharmaceutically destroyed.***Many know I am 70-years-old and lost my beautiful babies to their baby shots in the 1970s.  Below is an introduction to one of my beautiful babies, which also contains records informing you that, as a prodigy, I had a brilliant career ahead of me that was destroyed along with my babies’ brains.

MY Bleeding Heart

Being a smart ass is difficult to say the least.  I absorb science and information like a sponge.  I assess and reassess and conclude.  I do it with everything.

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