Put An End to Human Experimentation

They have been experimenting with the general population of the USA with these shots [full-force] since the 1970s. They destroyed my elder son’s life and profoundly impacted my youngest.

A ‘CO’up d’état ‘VID’

Now that I have lost a source of data, I have time for my mind to wander—and wander it does.  What I interpreted from that data is that Industry does not want you to know things.  I believe we are being turned into worker “bees”—a process that happens slowly.  In the United States, this has... Continue Reading →

A closer look at the Live “Training & Simulation Exercise” under WHO that preceded the plandemic in October 2019

Remarkable article on some nefarious and true events

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

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Major documentary confirmation of something many of us have come to know for certain in recent times: the entire COVID-19 world-shutdown is part of a live training and simulation exercise run by the unscrupulous WHO and United Nations, as documented in their Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s annual 2019 report and their International Health Regulations treaty of 2005—which 194/or 196 countries signed off on—which pretty much establishes a Global Government (of the WHO & United Nations, & the high-level international GMPB) along with their sponsors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, & other unnamed donors. Please share this video widely. People in office have failed their oaths to protect the people, and We the People need to wake up and do something definitive about it. Every government has been complicit in the destruction of their own country’s economy, the vast suffering of their…

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#I’ve signed death certificates during Covid-19. Here’s why you can’t trust any of the statistics on the number of victims

Phi Quyền Chính - Anarchism: The Tao Of Anarchy

By Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England. His blog can be read here and his book, ‘Doctoring Data – How to Sort Out Medical Advice from Medical Nonsense,’ is available here.

As an NHS doctor, I’ve seen people die and be listed as a victim of coronavirus without ever being tested for it. But unless we have accurate data, we won’t know which has killed more: the disease or the lockdown?

I suppose most people would be somewhat surprised to know that the cause of death, as written on death certificates, is often little more than an educated guess. Most people die when they are old, often over eighty. There is very rarely going to be a post-mortem carried out, which means that, as a doctor, you have a think about the patient’s symptoms in the last…

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My Cry in the Night

I never called or will call what my son manifested autism. My toddler obviously had brain damage. It’s well past time to start calling it what it is—vaccine-induced brain damage. I had never seen what my son was doing in any child before. Of course, this was in the beginning—in ‘76. I had been studying... Continue Reading →

'This Side of Life'

These may look fairly innocuous, but these two items were pulled off the market in the US because of the damage they were causing.  I can assure you, children were devastated–mine [particularly my oldest] were.

We continue to inflict these on children in other countries around the world–third-world countries–countries that have no protections for their children.  Persons professing to have children’s best-interests-at-heart travel around the world touting the saving of children as their motivation are doing nothing less than destroying lives.

As governments poise to destroy all children but the most fortunate, we must wake up to what is being done.

Parents seeking to protect their children are being called anti-vaxxers, pro-plaguers and worse.  Our children are being cleaved from our breasts.  This must stop.

These are the vaccines my baby boy had.  By the time my beauty was 4-months-old, his brain was fried.

We are not eradicating disease: We…

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  These may look fairly innocuous, but these two items were pulled off the market in the US because of the damage they were causing.  I can assure you, children were devastated--mine [particularly my oldest] were. We continue to inflict these on children in other countries around the world--third-world countries--countries that have no protections for... Continue Reading →

Unvaccinated kids are a danger to vaccinated kids?


The unvaccinated kids are somehow a danger to the vaccinated kids. Think about that argument for a moment, because what that means is if the unvaccinated kids are capable of infecting the vaccinated kids, that’s equivalent to saying that the vaccine isn’t any damn good, it doesn’t work. And it turns out that the argument is false, because that has always been invoked, you know, that the vaccinated kids are at risk from the unvaccinated, so there’s a lot of social pressure on mothers and fathers to vaccinate their kids from their neighbors. And the truth is quite the opposite… that a lot of the epidemics that are still happening, like with whooping cough, for example, which has been making a tremendous resurgence lately, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s the vaccinated people that are spreading it, not the unvaccinated.

— Richard Moscowitz, MD

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Genetic Discrimination

At our latest meeting, we decided our focus would be on “Genetic Discrimination.”  Those of us who suffer gene variants resulting in death or damage from vaccines are being met with this discrimination.  In addition, those who choose to foot the bill for these tests, to save themselves or family members from death or damage,... Continue Reading →

My Name is ASIA

Doctors are of the human species.  Brave souls who take the risk of making decisions that may pit us against them.  I always keep on mind my brothers and sisters are just as fallible as me.  I’ve seen the frivolity of law drive up costs and drive up the profession’s need to protect itself.  But it’s gone too far. 

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