An Incorporated World 2020

On July 19, 2017, I posted an article relative to how the direction the world was blowing. What I didn’t know was that things were already well advanced.

How many sides does Democracy have? Democracy has one side—The People. Anyone else is just a job applicant. Joyce Bowen

A Man Called Dwight

Many wonder how Hitler did it and punished the German people post WorldWar II for their deviancies. But we are doing the very same things and being herded into the same activities. Hilter herded the Jews into enclosures by asserting they carried typhus. Those of us who are already suffering injuries from pharmaceutical products and who fear death-by-vaccination will be herded into enclosures by asserting we are COVID carriers. [but there is no test; there is no testthereisnotest, therisno…]

What is an Investigative Journalist?

At first—I never set out to prove anything. I set my mind to disproving a topic. I’m able to fully listen to another’s point of view in order to add it to my information collection. I’m able to engage with the interviewee’s belief and, in the moment, believe it myself. Then I walk away, do additional research, and connect the dots I have in order to ‘see’ a bigger picture.

Human Experimentation, Chapter 2

For my internet friends who met me 3 or 4 years back, you knew me as a sick, crippled, dying, little-old lady. I was still chasing the ‘American Dream,’ promoting and publishing my writing. I actually believed that ‘condition’ existed. But it was just another disease.

The Canaries in the Coal-Mine

Government expert with oxygen mask and bird from Canaries help in mine rescue The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana) Saturday 20th January 1912 I’ve often said those of us damaged or killed by the very things we’re told will save us are “canaries in the coal-mine.” meaning and origin of ‘canary in the coal mine’ It was... Continue Reading →

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