Needham 7, Some other place in Cambridge, MA, and Thank the Lord for 2018

'This Side of Life'

Needham 7, Some other place in Cambridge, MA, and Thank the Lord for 2018

I warn you, if you’re aging out and have a fall, it might not be the fall that kills you; it could be the care you receive. Should I call it care?
Just don’t fall.

It all Started here in The Saga of Cracks:

I just made it home on Friday after a stint regarding the repair of my knee. My knee was too bad to do stairs, and I barely had access to food. My Primary Care’s office convinced me to go to Mt. Auburn’s ER. I expressed the thought that I was nearly through with medicine. But I went. I spent about 24 hours in the ER and was finally admitted on the dreaded Observational status. A very kind and dedicated social worker cajoled me into trying this course of action in order to get into a rehabilitation facility.

The staff in Needham 7 were kind and compassionate. The menu rivaled that of a restaurant. The food was so good, I had a…

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Closing Doors

Throughout life, doors open and doors close. The openings are exciting: The closings are not. One might look at them like chapters in a book except for with chapters there is always a continuation. If we do not realize this, closing doors slam. It’s gentler if we acknowledge, early on, that there are stages of life—however small, that... Continue Reading →

Raising Children

  Even as a psychologist, my logical side, and emotional side are often at odds with (or even at war with) each other. It’s probably a result of being forced into a state of extreme survivalism as a child. I used my logic to save my life and/or avoid pain. Emotions poised like a runner waiting for the... Continue Reading →

A beBee Celebration

'This Side of Life'

A beBee CelebrationToo early? Not in my dreams.  And I have a recipe for you.

I took a tumble the other day and cracked a rib, etc. I’m an opponent of painkillers, so my way to deal with the pain is to sleep—a pleasant recourse as my dreams have been vivid and filled with pleasure.

I woke from a Thanksgiving dream yesterday.

In it, I was younger—young enough to tackle the preparation of three turkeys—two with American stuffing and one with my father-in-law’s “Greek” stuffing. It was really Turkish, but he let us believe it was his own unique recipe. The ingredients are below:

“Leo the Lion’s Greek Stuffing

Large onion

Two and a half pounds hamburger

½ stick butter

salt and pepper to taste

half pound rice

1box bell seasoning mix

½ cup sugar

1 ½ cups Italian bread crumbs

½ small can tomato paste’

1 two ounce jar pine nuts

½ chopped walnuts

1 cup raisins


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La Saga de las Grietas

  ¿Parece doloroso? Es. Estuve enfermo por semanas. Después de salir de ese abismo, recuperé la confianza. Demasiado, yo diría. ¿Recuerdas esa sensación gloriosa que obtienes cuando la penumbra de la enfermedad abandona tu cuerpo? Lo recuerdo, pero ya no me toca. Aún así, hay un rayo. El recuerdo me toca. Pero la esclerosis múltiple... Continue Reading →

The Saga of Cracks

Look painful? It is. I’d been sick for weeks. After I crawled out of that abyss, I regained confidence. Too much, I’d say. Remember that glorious feeling you get when the dimness of sickness leaves your body? I remember it, but it no longer touches me. Still—there is a glimmer. The memory touches me. But Multiple Sclerosis... Continue Reading →

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