Joe Rogan: Dr Peter Hotez “The Anti-Vax Lobby Owns the Internet” and “vaccines don’t contain chemicals”

Recently, GAB brought Joe Rogan on board in a flurry of fanfare.  Mr. Rogan has been someone I have been writing about—here and there—for a few years.  I’ve always seen him as a danger to my life, to the lives of what’s left of my offspring, and to the multitudes and multitudes of other lives that have been pharmaceutically destroyed.***Many know I am 70-years-old and lost my beautiful babies to their baby shots in the 1970s.  Below is an introduction to one of my beautiful babies, which also contains records informing you that, as a prodigy, I had a brilliant career ahead of me that was destroyed along with my babies’ brains.

MY Bleeding Heart

Being a smart ass is difficult to say the least.  I absorb science and information like a sponge.  I assess and reassess and conclude.  I do it with everything.

Was a Bioweapon ever Released?

Although I do believe all our governments are engaged in bioweapons programs, and I do believe animal diseases have been vectored into human contagions; there is no real evidence to show a deadly COVID virus was ever released.

Blood Clots Anyone?

Conversations with Moulton’s minions. “I’m sorry you feel that way. ‘ I think the handwriting is on the wall on this one. They aren't looking to control guns—they are looking to control YOU. I had a few conversations with staff at my congressional rep's office over the past years [since April, 2019]. I was angry about things, and did not really analyze conversations until later. Over time, there were a few things I realized about those conversations. In all of them, the congressional minions used language I have studied that is geared toward controlling the caller’s emotions or opinions. There are quite specific wordings and phrases used. One very popular phrase is, "I'm sorry you feel that way."

Graphene-enabled brain interfaces and The Shots

I’ve been doing a deep, deep dive, and am still gulping for air. I keep trying to find anything that will tell me this isn’t happening. I haven’t found it and don’t really expect to. Can the human body be compatible as a host for production of graphene? It would be necessary to retain the bodies long enough to extract the product or perhaps even liquefy remains for extraction. You are the carbon they want to produce. Are they farming humans for graphene? This article below also points out that graphene oxide [GO] is a less toxic product. It appears they may have already tried the other products but where and when?? I think the point may be to keep people alive long enough to generate more graphene. It explains why [last count I have] in 23 states, they’ve legalized liquefying the dead.

The Beauty and Curse of Abstract/Visual Thinking

I am an abstract/visual thinker. I am also a polymath and a genius. I am what you call neuro-diverse because I don’t think like many people. I've been that way since I was born. The strange thing was that my performance Intelligence Quotient was off the chart. I bet Temple's is, too.

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