Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on vaccines, hydrogel, and secret government programs

Very interesting info https://phiquyenchinh.org/2020/10/05/dr-carrie-madej-with-dr-andrew-kaufman-on-vaccines-hydrogel-and-secret-government-programs/#comment-8878 Reblogged from https://phiquyenchinh.org/

The Not-So-Spanish Spanish Flu (and its comparison to today)

“However, healthcare providers, medical experts, and published data from the 1918 period suggest that most deaths were caused by secondary bacterial pneumonias (5–12); hemorrhagic pneumonitis that rapidly progressed to death was considered an alarming but uncommon clinical manifestation.” I’ve italicized ‘most deaths’ and ‘uncommon’. Why? Because using these two phrases/words in the same sentence is ludicrous. If ‘most deaths’ were caused by such a manifestation, there is nothing ‘uncommon’ about them.

What is an Investigative Journalist?

At first—I never set out to prove anything. I set my mind to disproving a topic. I’m able to fully listen to another’s point of view in order to add it to my information collection. I’m able to engage with the interviewee’s belief and, in the moment, believe it myself. Then I walk away, do additional research, and connect the dots I have in order to ‘see’ a bigger picture.

Human Experimentation, Chapter 2

For my internet friends who met me 3 or 4 years back, you knew me as a sick, crippled, dying, little-old lady. I was still chasing the ‘American Dream,’ promoting and publishing my writing. I actually believed that ‘condition’ existed. But it was just another disease.

A ‘CO’up d’état ‘VID’

Now that I have lost a source of data, I have time for my mind to wander—and wander it does.  What I interpreted from that data is that Industry does not want you to know things.  I believe we are being turned into worker “bees”—a process that happens slowly.  In the United States, this has... Continue Reading →

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