Murder By Medicine

Believe it or not, after I thought of this title, I realized it was catchy and did a search on it to see if it has been used elsewhere. It has. A doctor left her practice because she could no longer stand the fact that many people are dying because of medications that are being given. Her... Continue Reading →

Child Abuse Again

  Most know me for my tackling of social issues. This can take a toll. Mucking around with what’s wrong with the world can be horrific. I find things out I don’t want to know. Yes, Ian Weinberg—there is no justice. You’re right, but that doesn’t mean I’ll take that fact lying down. I’ll scream and... Continue Reading →


They looked like us—talked like us. But the similarities ended there. They came to breed. Something must have gone wrong in their system, or maybe this was what they had to do to reproduce. The one thing I couldn’t figure out was when our women coupled with male aliens, they only produced girls—blond, blue-eyed, pretty things attached to their mothers with a brownish,... Continue Reading →

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